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Management & Directors

David Coburn

CEO & Director

As Founder, CEO and a director of Gainey Capital, for the past four years David Coburn has focused on acquiring gold and silver operations in Mexico.  A seasoned entrepreneur, he has spent the majority of his business career in the plastics and chemical industry, developing successful operations with partners such as GE Plastics, GE Capital, Dow Chemical, Dupont Chemical, BASF and Bayer, primarily in building and acquiring companies with operations in Mexico, the USA and China.  He and his business interests have held significant investments in the renewable energy/oil & gas and natural resource sectors over the past thirty years.  BSc (Business Admin), Northern Arizona University

Ms. Michele Pillon

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

Ms. Pillon has been a director and/or officer of a number of public companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and has 25 years' experience in the junior mining exploration sector providing accounting and regulatory assistance to public companies.

Brent Omland


Mr. Omland is currently the CFO, Americas of Ocean Partners USA, Inc. (“OP”) of Wilton, Connecticut. OP is a global base metal and precious metals concentrate trader with a strong presence in Mexico. OP works with miners to deliver successful trading services, including financing solutions, for their concentrates and by-products.

Mr. Omland is an experienced senior finance professional in the mining, metals and physical trading fields having worked previously for Teck Resources Limited and more recently as the VP Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Ivernia Inc. and Enirgi Metal Group Pty Ltd (“EMG”). Ivernia and EMG are companies focused on lead mining and smelting in Australia.

D. Barry Lee


Mr. Lee is a co-founder of Gainey and was an original member of the Company’s Board until 2014.  He has extensive board and senior management experience and has provided strategic planning, corporate governance, and M&A expertise for both public and private companies within various sectors over the past twenty-two years.  He is currently a director and/or senior officer of several public companies listed in both Canada and the United States.

George Cantua

Operations Manager

30 years in precious and base metals development and production. Formerly Operations Supervisor at Barrick Gold's Pueblo Viejo facility, from 2010 to 2013, processing 24,000 tons of ore per day.  Prior to Barrick, he was General Supervisor at Asarco Ray, operating a 24-hour sag and ball mill and sulfide copper recovery plant. Has been involved in nine plant start-ups during his mining career, with an exceptional safety and environmental record.


Techincal Advisors 

Mark Bailey

Mr. Bailey holds a Master’s degree in geology, is a registered professional geologist with over 40 years experience, most recently in the role of President & CEO of TSX-listed Minefinders Corporation Ltd. from 1995 to its sale in 2012. While with Minefinders, he was responsible for the discovery and development of resources totaling more than 3 million ounces of gold and 165 million ounces of silver as well as the eventual sale of the company to Pan American Silver Corp. for C$1.5 Billion in 2012. Prior to his tenure with Minefinders, Mr. Bailey held senior positions with Equinox Resources Inc. and Exxon Minerals. He is presently a director of Entree Gold, Mason Resources, Dynasty Metals & Mining, and Northern Lion and owner of M.H. Bailey & Associates LLC, a consulting Geologist company.




El Colomo

El Colomo is a highly prospective property with district-scale gold-silver potential. High-grade and bulk tonnage targets have already been identified through prior exploration and there are strong indications of continuity between La Higuerita, La Nueva Victoria and Las Minitas (at least 2 km in strike length). Gainey has engaged Minera Cascabel, led by renowned geologist Peter Megaw, to run the exploration work at El Colomo.


  • 18,766 hectares (46,372 acres) of contiguous Mineral Concession, including El Colomo Dome

  • High–Grade target potential exemplified by La Nueva Victoria vein. Historic drilling of this vein system included an intercept of 7.5 mts @ 13.64 g/t Au & 899 g/t Ag (31.6 g/t AuEq).  Note that the historic drilling, sampling and data management was not supervised by a Qualified Person and must be considered non-NI 43-101-compliant.   *Source: Valles Mendoza, Golden Anvil Internal Company Report, 2009 

  • Intrusive-hosted bulk–tonnage target potential exemplified by the intrusive-hosted La Higuerita zone. The average grade of the surface of an exposure of mineralized felsic intrusion at La Higuerita was calculated by previous owner Golden Anvil using the kriging method on results from 69 trench and surface samples representing an area 1000 m long X 80 m wide as follows:  0.93 g/t Au, 22 g/t Ag (1.37 g/t Au-Eq)**. The sampling, data management and grade calculation were not designed nor supervised by a Qualified Person and are not NI 43-101 compliant.  The calculation should not be relied upon but is discussed here to illustrate the geologic potential for bulk-tonnage targets on the property. Note that this mineralized zone is open along strike and at depth. **Source: Bravo-Nieto, Golden Anvil Internal Company Report, 1997    

  • 97% of this 192 sq km property has not been explored using modern concepts & technology.  All 20 mineralized zones identified to date are in the central portion of the property, within a 1.5 km radius (3% of property).  Remainder of the property has similar geology, alteration and geochemistry, suggesting the potential for a very large, gold-rich mining district 

  • El Colomo Dome has geological similarities with domes in nearby productive mineral districts in the State of Durango, such as Bacis, Tayolita-San Dimas and Pueblo Nuevo   

 El Colomo Mineral Belt 





A Prolific Mining Belt

Gold & Silver Producers in the Sierra Madre Occidential Trend 

mining properties

Nueva-Victoria-Plano-Geologico--500 2




Corporate Offices

#501 – 595 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC V6C2T5
Tel: +1 480 347 8904

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David Coburn, CEO
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